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    Telepathy Lesson


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    Re: Telepathy Lesson

    Post  Fenrir on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:38 am

    Just another note on this, you can further increase your telepathic awareness by opening your temple chakras and your third eye. There are four more chakra points along the side of your head on either side, along with three in the back which would also assist you in this and then you can also open some of the chakra points along the rim of your ear. Also another method is during telepathic training to focus on the third eye of whoever your trying to reach and connecting energy between your own third eye and theirs.I know I link to this site a lot but there is no point in just copying and pasting from it when it has photos to look at,

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    Telepathy Lesson

    Post  stamos96 on Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:36 am


    Telepathy is the way to communicate without using the basic five physical senses.
    Telepathy was around for the day that humans and animal was born. We still use it but when
    we are kids and we don't know how to talk. We learned how to talk and then we didn't use
    telepathy any more. Now we talk, we sent text massages, e-mails etc. The ability of telepathy is still
    inside us but it is locked and we have to unlock it.

    It is easy to unlock it. It just needs practice.

    Step 1

    Be comfortable.

    Step 2

    Focus on the persons that you want to use telepathy energy. t is better if you try it first time
    that the person is someone that you know good. And he/she is close to you.Fell him/her.

    Step 3

    Just try to send him a felling or a color.

    After some practice try and send him your thoughts and talk to him.

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