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    Aura Cleaning Technique


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    Aura Cleaning Technique

    Post  Fenrir on Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:12 pm

    Introduction: This is a basic meditation technique to help cleanse the user's aura.

    Step One: Visualize you aura, auras usually display some color differing from person to person. At this point it will also help to feel the energy of your aura as well, this is usually easier than seeing it for most people.

    Step Two: Pull your aura into a tight compact ball, similar to a psy ball meditation. Hold your hands about 6 inches from each other like they were holding a ball between them. visualize your aura filling this area, Condense it to this space.

    Step Three: Visualize a clear cover,which allows energy to pass through it without resistance, wrap around the condensed aura. Visualize the clear cover growing in brightness, using white gold light. (I usually visualize white light that shimmers with gold). Once the light grows to a certain brightness whatever you decide it to be visualize the white light turning golden and burning even brighter, like a mini sun. See the light push through your aura touching every part of it, program the energy to purify your aura, IE. "The gold light energy is purifying my aura". Hold This for a few minutes or so, whatever you feel is a good amount of time.

    Step Four: Visualize the cover dispersing and your aura flowing back over your body. Feel the new lightness and focus on how the aura feels now than how it did previously. If you feel a strong change then you can probably continue using this meditation, if you don't then maybe another meditation will be better for you to use. It's all about how comfortable you are with any meditation.

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